A world untouched by death. Cain, a governmental minister, stands for order: for peace. His brother Abel advocates and spreads radical beliefs, which threaten to bring death into the world. Can he be stopped?

Lucifer – aka Lucy – offers Cain the answers, a brilliant journey, and a fatal choice. Once you see the unseeable, and know the unknowable, can you do the unthinkable?

Between two worlds, one story is told. Cain is a re-telling of the first killing: the murder of Abel by his brother Cain. Created by Blue Guitar with extracts from Lord Byron’s verse play, ‘Cain: A Mystery’, this production was made to wonder and worry over what is worth killing for.


5 & 6 June 2016 – The Hope Theatre

25 September 2016 – New River Studios


Created by Blue Guitar Theatre

Produced by Rebecca Gwyther for Blue Guitar Theatre



Abel – Tom Shah

Adah – Hannah Morley

Cain – Joey Bartram

Lucifer – Kay Dent