Kidnapped. A prisoner. 563 Days. But what happens after she escapes?

Alice spent much of her adolescence held prisoner in a single room. Now an adult, her life seems fine- she has a lovely home with five kinds of pasta in the kitchen cupboard!

However, Alice is unsure how to break out of her own head and form meaningful connections with the rest of the world, as she continues to live in the internal imaginary realm she created as a refuge from a horrific environment.

Determined to take back power and control of her own narrative, Alice is fuelled with rage against a world that simultaneously seeks to victimise her and exploit her victimisation. But, after years of fighting for escape, her real struggle for freedom is with herself.


1 June 2016 – The Lion & Unicorn Theatre

17 & 18 February – VAULT Festival


Written by Naomi Westerman

Directed & Produced by Rebecca Gwyther

Performed by Eleanor Crosswell