Spring. Prague 1950.

Two years since the Communist coup d’etat, Milada Horakova, activist, politician and mother is under surveillance by the secret police. First year law student Ludmila Brozova is being seduced into the Party’s inner circle. 

As the nation begins a modern day witch hunt, their lives intertwine and converge towards zero. In a world where ideas can kill and the game is rigged, who will emerge victorious? 

A tale of belonging, surviving and divided loyalties.


3 – 8 October 2016 – Above the Arts


Written by Rebecca Morgan

Directed by Ria Samartzi

Produced by Rebecca Morgan for Playful Moon Theatre

Music by Jon Whitten

Assistant Marketing by Rebecca Gwyther



Milada – Polly Attala

Ludmila – Gabriella Gadsby

Petr/ Viktor – Jamie Coleman

Josef – Jason Denyer

Jana – Holly Donovan