Finders Keepers


The lives of two endearing and quirky scrapyard dwellers on the fringes of society are turned upside down when they discover a tiny baby amongst the rubble…

But where did it come from? Does it come with a manual? Is it a gift from above or did it simply get washed down the river?

To uncover the truth, join these loveable vagrants and step into the strange, murky world of Mr. Pharoah and his daughter. Hot Coals Theatre invites you to join these two charming oddballs as they grapple with a new routine and seek to discover the origin of their little friend.

Inspired by the story of Moses, Hot Coals Theatre’s second show is a fun filled, touching piece incorporating music, puppetry, and Chaplin-esque comedy. Highly visual and with no dialogue, Finders Keepers was created to be accessible to all, (d)Deaf, hard of hearing, and everyone who enjoys good theatre no matter what language they speak. In this inventive and eccentric production, the whole audience can enjoy this wonderful little world together, in a shared experience.


5 – 27 August 2016 – ZOO Venues, Edinburgh Festival Fringe


Created & Performed by Hot Coals Theatre Ensemble

Produced by Rebecca Gwyther for Hot Coals Theatre Ensemble