Three funerals. One town. The longest war in its history.

Far from the war waging overseas, a small American town is rocked by the deaths of three soldiers. As we meet the relatives we discover none of the dead were killed on active duty; the conspiracy behind each inglorious death preventing families from coming to terms with their loss.

‘Glockenspiel’ explores the lives of those left behind on the home front, celebrating the humour and spirit of ordinary people trapped in an extraordinary situation. Duty, Loyalty, Patriotism:                

What is the true cost of the War on Terror?


4 – 14 January 2017 – Tristan Bates Theatre



Director & Writer – Steven Dykes

Company Producer – Darius Thompson

Co-Producers – Jon Parry & Rebecca Gwyther

Composer – James Neale

Designer – Justin Williams

Assistant Designer – Jonny Rust

Sound Designer – Edmund Shaw

Lighting Designer – William Steggles

Casting Director – Ewa Kolodziejska



Andre – Parys Jordon

Carmen – Lolade Rufai

Debra – Tolu Stedford

Eloise – Katie Glaister

Josh – Jon Parry

Justine – Hebe Renard

Soldier – Aruna Jalloh

Yolanda – Laura Asare

Zinnie – Coren Lawrence