Great Again: The Musical


‘We’re making history remember? You and me. Best friends making history’

It’s summer 2016 in Beavercreek, Ohio. Josh and Kelsey are young conservatives surrounded and silenced by a sea of liberal friends and family. But politics is changing and a storm of excitement and controversy swirls around a uniquely unlikely candidate: Donald Trump.

When the prospect arises to join the Trump campaign trail, Kelsey and Josh grab the opportunity to make their voices heard and chase the chance for change.

Through rallies, canvassing and catchy chorus numbers, they push for the notion of a nation that belongs to them – a nation for the forgotten America.

Along the road of their fight for something new, Kelsey and Josh become close friends. However, when doubt, opposition and fanaticism creep in, will their attempt to unite a nation build a wall between them? This is a journey that will change America as they know it.

From the writer of VAULT Festival and Brits Off-Broadway hits ‘Underground’ and ‘The Litterati’ comes an entertaining new musical about friendship, adventure and voting for Donald Trump.


24- 28 January 2018 – VAULT Festival


Book & Lyrics by Isla van Tricht

Music by Guy Woolf

Directed by Joseph Cunningham

Produced by Old Sole Theatre Company